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As an artist, Lori Illner Greene creates work reflective of place exploring ideas of fragility through figurative sculpture, pastels, and encaustic painting. Her work considers underlying energetic forces. She utilizes the technique of paper mâché like assemblage, sometimes including bits of material collected from her wanderings, to create sculptures that become the subject of her photographic imagery, drawings, and paintings.

Lori Illner Greene has developed friendly collaborations with both a local retailer and restaurant in Fort Madison, Iowa. A representative collection of Lori's work is on display at Holtkamp's Floors, Decor, and Furniture. Her work is also on display at Simple Table. Lori is a member of Fort Madison Area Arts Association with several works on a rotating display in the Member Gallery. She was the featured artist for the months of July 2022 and 2017 in the Main Gallery.  She is available for group and individual lessons in her studio or your location, and is an accomplished speaker. You can find her working in her own studio, or at the FMAAA Art Center where she is the Executive Director as well as a working artist.

Fragility and Impermanence   Solo exhibition  July 2022

Fort Madison Area Arts Association  (FMAAA)

825 Avenue G Fort Madison, Iowa 52627

This collection of images in glass and silk, along with  video installation, provides a view through the artist’s lens taking a closer look at the fragile sculptures Illner Greene composed to investigate ideas of place and the eventual breakdown of matter, but which also exemplify the invisible energetic connection of all things. Living or inanimate, this work believes our existence plays out in an interconnected timeline forged in a common elemental make-up. When we are no longer, that matter repurposes itself into new. This work is ultimately about our collective impermanence. And the energetic residue left behind. This exhibition is generously sponsored by IFCO/OCI and Fracture. Find Fracture on the web at @fractureme and #focusonmoments.

PASTELS   Solo exhibition  July 2017

Fort Madison Area Arts Association  (FMAAA)

825 Avenue G  Fort Madison, Iowa  52627

This exhibit provided a visual for the evolution of Illner Greene's pastel work from conceptual to the present figurative work of imagery reflective of place. Her signature black pastel on vellum work will be represented along with colored pastel on pastel board. Opening Reception is July 6 from 5-7pm.


Raptors and Other Birds of Prey Jan 28 thru Feb 15, 2019         
Solo exhibition / representative artwork acquired for permanent collection

Southeastern Community College

Visitors Center Art Gallery 

Burlington, Iowa

Raptors provided an exhibit of large scale works on paper in black pastel on vellum, and traditional pastels on pastel card dealing with the subject of birds of prey reflective of place.  SCC has an extensive history of highlighting regional artistic talent and I was honored to be invited to kick off the 2019 year.

Working Artist Wednesdays Fort Madison Area Arts Association (FMAAA)

825 Avenue G Fort Madison, Iowa 52627

Former Artist-in-Residence at Victoria Gallery and Fine Arts Studio  

740 Avenue G   Fort Madison, Iowa 52627

Holtkamp's Floors, Decor and Furniture

2331 Avenue L Fort Madison, Iowa 52627

To launch the collaboration, much of the work from Raptors and Other Hunting Birds (top of page) will be on display in the Main Showroom at Holtkamp's. This work will be refreshed periodically with vintage and current collection pieces.

Simple Table

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617 7th St
Fort Madison, Iowa 52627