fragility and impermanence collection  on glass and silk

Binding forces of the subatomic are the same that shape the universe, and are in a state of constant renewal

string series   |   pastels

musings around string theory and the energy of sub atomic particles

Animal Portraiture    |   pastels

Wildlife Portraits  |  pastels

I use black pastel on vellum in an additive/reductive process. The surface is both slick and clean, yet has a remarkable amount of tooth to push the material around on and carve out the image or figure.

The pastels are on surfaces that provide a substantial texture to allow and hold a many layered velvety bloom. These pieces will not be sprayed. It is recommended that they be matted with a double layer mat incorporating a trough or including a spacer prior to framing.

The nature and spirit of the subject are important to me. I strive for the essence - a soulful gaze, a twitched up ear, the energetic hovering of a hummingbird activating its space, with a strong consideration of the energetic connections that bind us all together.

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