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The Green Acres Story

I love the feel of paper under my fingers. The immediacy of pastels and en caustics. A whole story revealed by a fragment of time. Just a glance really. After a career that spanned GPS consulting to data analysis and agribusiness consulting, information systems design and development to historical building renovations and inn proprietorship, I finally have the satisfaction from a full day spent in my own studio. I moved into Greene Acres in 2015 where my husband and I make a home for our assorted fur family.

As I settled back into art I sought out the familiar. Figurative subject mater connected with place. The energy of hummingbirds. The majesty of birds of prey. Feathers working in flight. Birds are fascinating to me in general and, like the canary in the coal mine, shouldn't be taken for granted.

Now I am exploring ideas of fragility and impermanence through sculpture and resulting imagery – seeking to capture the essence of that which is fleeting. The energy that we all share, binding the smallest bits at the subatomic level together as well as the whole universe.

This elusive yet emotive quality of our shared existence feeds my own personal cosmology.

Please Contact me if you would like to purchase or commission a piece for yourself.

Encircling Sculptural detail. 15.6x20.8 print on glass $255.00 plus shipping