The Green Acres Story

When I grow up, I want to be an artist...

I held that thought for most of my adult life. I discovered my love of both studio art and art history in college, continuing to take classes for many years in between family and work obligations. I love the feel of paper and working with immediacy of pastels in particular to reveal an image.  After a career that spanned GPS consulting to data analysis and Agribusiness consulting, Information Systems design and development to historical building renovations and Inn proprietorship, I finally have the satisfaction from a full day spent in my own studio. I moved into Greene Acres in 2015 where my husband and I make a home for our three dogs, three cats, and a horse.

The studio space was finished in June of 2017 and by the first of July I was unpacking my art stuff and settling in. My art work previously dealt with ideas influenced by the emergence of string theory (yes...that dates me). Figure drawing factored extensively in my artistic development and several pieces feature prominently in my portfolio. Capturing furry friends in candid moments, depicting their personality, and exploring other wildlife portraiture is among my current focus. I love the energy of hummingbirds in flight. The majesty of birds of prey. Feathers working in flight. Birds are fascinating to me in general and will likely feature in much of my work going forward. Ideas roll into my head all of the time and I love to receive suggestions.

Peruse the images or albums on these webpages. Contact me if you would like to commission a piece for yourself.

Fiery Throated pastel on pastel card
- SOLD -