samples from Fragility and Impermanence Collection

Fantastical  sculptural portraiture
15.6" x 20.8" glass print 

This collection probes fragile sculptures composed to investigate ideas of place, represent the breakdown of ephemera, and exemplify the interconnection that binds all matter together.

Joy   sculptural portraiture
23" x 23" glass print

We are non of us bound here. We are but a slice of time. A moment made up of the elements. Tumbled by life. Until we are released.

Expansive  sculptural portraiture
15.6" x 20.8 glass print

This work believes in an invisible energetic connection of all things and is a fantastical interpretation of what it might look like

Please  contact me if you would like to select one of my available pieces of art or commission a piece for yourself.  Thanks for visiting!  cheers - Lori Illner Greene